Griffiths McBurney Corp. Business Continuity Plan Summary Notice

In its own best interests and pursuant to FINRA and SEC regulation, Griffiths McBurney Corp. ("GMC") has a Business Continuity Plan ("BCP") in place to prepare for the possibility of future significant business disruptions ("SBD") ranging in severity from a firm only disruption to a regional disruption. GMC's recovery time from an SBD will depend on the severity and significance of the event. GMC estimates the recovery time to range from three to twenty-four hours.

GMC has a functional facility located on the outskirts of Toronto, Ontario providing an alternative location from which it can reasonably operate under such a SBD. GMCs electronic records are backed-up to a secure off-site location on a daily basis. In the event of a catastrophic failure on a scale up to and including a citywide disruption, GMC will continue business operations from this alternate facility. Clients will continue to contact us via phone at 1-888-288-7901 or 1-877-622-6256.

If you have any questions regarding this summary, please call 416-943-6643.

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